Content of Character Matters (Our theme for 2019)



Mon., Jan 20, 2020         6:30 pm

Mountain View High School Auditorium

3500 Mountain Lion Dr., Loveland 80537

Our annual celebration features guest performers from Cleo II, an ensemble of dancers from the internationally recognized Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Company, in their first visit to Loveland!

Award winning student artists and                        writers, and more!

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Watch for our new display case in the main lobby of the Loveland Public Library in honor of Black History Month.

300 N. Adams Ave., Loveland CO 80537


     Black History Month  Film Series

Matt and the team at the Adult Services Desk are working on a great list of films to see this year.  Watch the library website for the most current details!


                    Speaker Series


Feb 2    150th Anniversary of the 15th                    Amendment - the right to vote

              Clint Heiner, Dept Chair, Social                    Studies, AIMS Community                           College

Feb 20  Contributions of Ethnic Groups                    in the US to securing the

              passage of the 19th Amendment

April 2  His Ultimate Sacrifice, Part 2

              Dr. Vern L Howard 

              Director of the Dr. Martin Luther                  King, Jr. Colorado Holiday                            Commission

          Locations and times posted Jan 1

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Our group's goal is to help educate, create and coordinate opportunities for events, community projects, and programs regarding justice, civil rights, diversity, equality, voting rights, and non-violence and to provide those free to the public. 

Dr MLK Jr Loveland Events committee fosters acceptance, tolerance and diversity in the Loveland community and supports local efforts and individuals who work on the many issues related to civil rights. 

Join us & be a champion for                 ALL!

The Loveland MLK Committee is a volunteer citizen organization that welcomes members, support and donations under its 501 C3 nonprofit designation. Learn more on our Donate page.

Dr. George Stevens, Rotarian

Dr. Ray Black (2nd from right) and Professor Clint Heiner (far right) talk with students after a panel discussion facilitated by AIMS Community College Dean Heather Lelchook.

The event at the Loveland Museum commemorated the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's assasination.  Hosted by Dr. M. L. King Jr. Loveland Events & AIMS Community College at the Loveland Museum Gallery April 5, 2018.

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